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Polyamory Without Attachment To Form

By Mystic Life

I have learned that polyamory can be used to dissolve the ego, or enhance it.  Similar to how nuclear technology can be used to either power a city or destroy it, the poly path can be utilized to bring us closer to peace, or create endless suffering through multiple attachments.  In other words, we can let go of controlling others, or we can create multiple ...

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Real Polyamorous Families

The concept of polyamory is often misunderstood by the general public and the media. Tell someone you are polyamorous and it conjures images for the average person of swing parties and clubs with people getting it on in dark corners or polygamous families with men controlling unhappy sister wives and lots of children. These images perpetuated by Hollywood are not polyamory, nor do they even represent the swing lifestyle or polygamy accurately.
When it come to families and polyamory, ...
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