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What is Polyamory?

It is not surprising there is so much confusion when the question “What is polyamory?” comes up. Words have both definitions and connotations that build over time heavily influenced by the culture around them. Polyamory was only recently added to the dictionary; first Webster’s and then the Oxford English Dictionary. Webster’s is “the state or practice of having more than one open romantic relationship at a time” and Oxford English ...

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Other Mothers

Lots of polyamorous folks are justifiably fascinated by the hypotheses expounded in Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality, by Christopher Ryan, Ph.D. & Cacilda Jethá, M.D. By examining human reproductive physiology and anatomy from an evolutionary perspective, comparing their observations with the sexual customs of modern foragers (hunter-gatherers), and contrasting them with observations of the sexual behavior of other Great Apes, the authors make a convincing argument ...

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The Importance of Respect

Relationship advice is everywhere and you often hear in the poly community that the mantra is communicate – communicate – communicate… You will hear mention of making agreements, boundaries and of course the importance of love. Respect however is often mentioned in passing and yet respect is paramount in successful happy relationships, romantic or otherwise.

A few months ago, while channel surfing, I came across a biography interview with Reba McEntire. ...

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