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What People Think of Us

What People Think of Us

I’ve been reflecting recently on the variety of reactions we polyamorists get to our lifestyle. At choir practice the other night, one of the sopranos mentioned to me that she was taking a class on time management and that the instructor had said that after taking the class the student’s would have so much more time that their spouses and partners and polyamorous families would be delighted.

I ...

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Marriage, Primacy, and Control: What Rights Do We Have?

Several of the articles published here on PepTalk recently have treated the subject of relinquishing power over those we love.  It is a common refrain in polyamorous circles: possessiveness, control, and power-grasping are all harmful to the full expression of one’s love.

For my own part, I couldn’t agree more.  Yet at the same time, I find myself struggling at times with relationship definitions – and what expectations are associated with them.  It’s quite true, as Robyn writes in this ...

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Shifting The Monogamy Paradigm

By Robyn Trask
Reprinted from Loving More Magazine issue 35, Copyright 2005

One of the questions asked most frequently by polyamorous couples is “how do we make polyamory work for us while maintaining our relationship as a couple?”  The question is easy; the answer is at once both simple and complex:  You don’t!

Many people — myself included — are working to make their poly relationships viable and sustainable while using tools ...

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Is the MFF Triad Poly-tically Incorrect?

by Mystic Life

I’ve been wondering if the best way to offend members of both the monogamous and polyamorous communities is to form (or be interested in forming) a MFF triad.

Several years ago, my girlfriend at the time and I were looking to meet someone who we both could love.  I’m straight, and my girlfriend was bi, so we decided that a bi woman would be a good fit.  As part of our search process, we created a profile on, ...

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The Importance of Respect

Relationship advice is everywhere and you often hear in the poly community that the mantra is communicate – communicate – communicate… You will hear mention of making agreements, boundaries and of course the importance of love. Respect however is often mentioned in passing and yet respect is paramount in successful happy relationships, romantic or otherwise.

A few months ago, while channel surfing, I came across a biography interview with Reba McEntire. ...

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The Influx of Young People Identifying as Polyamorous

The number of people who call themselves polyamorous or say they have an open relationship is on the rise. The media is in a frenzy and local groups are growing like crazy in areas that two years ago had little to no groups or at least little activity. This growth appears to be driven by the twenty something crowd. This is not to say polyamory ...

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Can We Find Balance?

One of the most challenging things for people in polyamorous relationships is finding a balance in their life between relationships and responsibilities.  This can be especially challenging for those who have children, demanding careers and/or are activists working toward awareness and tolerance.  I often get the question how do you have time for everything?  And I find myself asking that question tonight.

Many poly folks find themselves with all of the above challenges and can end up burning out in exhaustion.  ...

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What Loving More Has Meant to Me


As we work to raise funds to keep Loving More going I thought about how Loving More as an organization has touched my life and I wanted to share it.  I hope this inspires you to share your experiences. ~~ Robyn Trask

For many of us in the poly community the road to multi-partnered loving is a complicated obstacle course of emotions and evolving awareness.  Loving More to me was a port in ...

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