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Issue #40 Loving More Magazine – US Government Approved

We are pleased to announce the release of Loving More® Magazine’s issue number forty Loving More; US Government Approved.

Since 1991 we have been the only magazine dedicated exclusively to topics involving Polyamory-multi-partner relating. We have issues, both past and present, that cover all different styles and logistics of polyamorous relating for the ...

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Polyamory interview on Radio Netherlands International English Program The State We’re In

The State We’re In, is an English language international show on world affairs.  We had the pleasure of doing an interview with them last week which is available currently at  This week’s show features my partners Jesus, Ben and I talking about our relationship with each other and how polyamory works for each of us.  It is very positive and in my opinion well done.  I was struck by them asking Ben a question about what he ...

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Call for Article for Issue #41

We are looking for Articles for the next issue number 41 of Loving More Magazine.  This will be a printed issue.

Deadline next issue June 1, 2010

We need articles with a polyamory or relationship focused theme.

Examples of possible topics; coming out poly, transitional experiences in poly, bisexuality, making polyamory work long term, reconciling poly with traditions of family or religion, history of poly ...

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The Marginalizing of Polyamory by Mainstream Media and Academia

On Wednesday April 7, 2010 at the Conference on World Affairs a panel presentation was being presented From Monogamy to Polyamory and Everything in Between.  Wow this is great that polyamory is being included in the Conference on World Affairs held annually at the University of Colorado in Boulder.  Just one problem, on the panel of “experts” there was not one person who really knew or understood polyamory.  The local polyamory group in Boulder caught wind of this via Amy ...

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Loving More Officially Approved by the US Government

We are overjoyed to announce that Loving More’s pending 501c(3) non-profit status has been approved and the status is retroactive to May 2006.  This means we are officially a tax deductible charitable organization dating back to May 2006.  The non-profit status allows us to apply for both public and private grants, receive tax deductible donations and exempts us from most sales tax requirements.  Loving More now ...

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Poly Leadership Summit #3 February 2010

Hats off to Reid Mihalko for doing a phenomenal job heading up the third Poly Leadership Summit.  The Summit took place just after Poly Living Philadelphia.   The Summit was put together somewhat last minute and Reid stepped forward to help organize and facilitate.

Sunday night started off with some fun and time to let go after a weekend of intense workshops.  Monday it was down to business of really defining why we ...

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Poly Living Philadelphia 2010

Poly Living in Philly last month was phenomenal from the amazing presenters and workshops to the smiling faces of the many people attending for the first time.

Friday night opened with a fund video showcasing the comedic side of polyamory with clips from different TV shows.  Reid Mihalko kept people laughing with a great keynote and set the stage for the weekend.  We were blessed with a great group of work exchange ...

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0 on Polyamory and Raising Kids


Robyn Trask of Loving More interviewed, along with several other awesome poly’s, for an article on raising kids in poly families by  Mom Logic.  The article is actually nice.  As is typical many of the comments are scathing.



For some, being polyamorous provides more love and support for the kids than does being in a monogamous household.

Ronda Kaysen: Most nights, Matt Bullen’s 7-year-old ...

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Robyn Trask guest on Defy the Box Radio Tonight


Robyn Trask, Director of Loving More, will be a guest on Defy the Box Radio tonight January 12, 9:00pm eastern time.  You can tun in if you wish at

Here is the information from their website;  Loving More : Living a Polyamorous Life Robyn Trask from Loving More will be here to discuss what this life choice is really all about.

If ...

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Poly poeple needed for Media interviews and TV

heart-peopleMedia interest in polyamory is increasing and we have need currently for poly people willing to talk to the press.  In the past few days I have been contacted by five different media people for stories on polyamory.  We are looking for the following, poly people in the bay area of California, 20 and 30 something poly men are two very specific needs.  One of these is for NBC ...

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