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“Polyamory”: What’s IN and What’s OUT?

The meaning of the word “polyamory” has been debated since the moment of–or perhaps before!–its entry into the standard English-speaking lexicon in the early 1990′s: Polyamory vs. Swinging; Polyamory vs. Cheating; is Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell Polyamory or not? All of these have been discussed nearly innumerable times on lists across the US and in some cases internationally. As a relatively new movement,  Continue Reading →


The Shame Game: The Reality of Testing for STIs

Annual testing for STIs (sexually transmitted infection) is something I believe every sexually active person should do for their health, not just for people who are in some form of open relationship but anyone sexually active. It is part of being safe and sane with our own health. Unfortunately testing can often be source of shame and negativity for women and men seeking testing.

For several years I chose to go to the Boulder Women’s clinic, a seemingly progressive place in ...

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Presentations Poly Living 2012

Presentation List Poly Living*

February 10-12, 2012

*This list is tentative and subject to change.

Full schedule

Friday Evening Keynote

Busting Loose: Polyamory in the Next Five Years

Alan M. of Polyamory in the News Website

We may be in for quite a ride. Public awareness of polyamory — that this mind-bending thing ...

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Redefining Faithfulness

By Mystic Life

I was recently asked, via my blog, to respond to the question I’ve listed below from a woman who was (like most of us) raised to be monogamous.

Upon reflection, I felt that my response may be helpful to readers who are still in the process of defining their values, or who perhaps have friends or family who try to challenge their choice to be polyamorous by stating it requires them to be “unfaithful” to their partner.

“Why is it ...

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Judges Ruling, in the Canadian Polygamy Case, Upholds the Existing Law

The ruling in the Canadian Case came in this morning with the judge finding that polygamy poses significant and sufficient harm to society to uphold the law 293 of the Criminal Code of Canada.

Loving More has followed the case closely for the past year and will post more in the next day or two.

This ruling will take time for the polyamory community and movement to digest. You can find information on the ruling at Polyamory and the News ...

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Polyamory Movement Headed for Rough Seas as the Wave Crosses into the Mainstream

Interest in poly and people exploring or choosing polyamory is exploding, not just in the US but around the world. With this growth and the influx of more mainstream people both old and young, the opposition is beginning to notice and it may get ugly.

Several things have spurred this growth; Organizations like Loving More, Poly NYC and later the Poly Leadership Network working toward a common goal of polyamory awareness and relationship choice. Loving More, starting in 2005, began a ...

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Can You Be “Poly” and Date a Cheater?

By Mystic Life

Most polyamorous people are drawn to this lovestyle because of their distaste for cheating. But what about if you’re dating someone who is cheating on their partner? Perhaps you don’t even know their partner and are therefore not required to lie to (or withhold from) your lover’s lover. You might then be able to feel as though you’re an honest person with no inner-conflict because, ...

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Marriage, Primacy, and Control: What Rights Do We Have?

Several of the articles published here on PepTalk recently have treated the subject of relinquishing power over those we love.  It is a common refrain in polyamorous circles: possessiveness, control, and power-grasping are all harmful to the full expression of one’s love.

For my own part, I couldn’t agree more.  Yet at the same time, I find myself struggling at times with relationship definitions – and what expectations are associated with them.  It’s quite true, as Robyn writes in this ...

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Shifting The Monogamy Paradigm

By Robyn Trask
Reprinted from Loving More Magazine issue 35, Copyright 2005

One of the questions asked most frequently by polyamorous couples is “how do we make polyamory work for us while maintaining our relationship as a couple?”  The question is easy; the answer is at once both simple and complex:  You don’t!

Many people — myself included — are working to make their poly relationships viable and sustainable while using tools ...

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Polyamory Without Attachment To Form

By Mystic Life

I have learned that polyamory can be used to dissolve the ego, or enhance it.  Similar to how nuclear technology can be used to either power a city or destroy it, the poly path can be utilized to bring us closer to peace, or create endless suffering through multiple attachments.  In other words, we can let go of controlling others, or we can create multiple ...

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