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Poly Leadership Summit #3 February 2010

Hats off to Reid Mihalko for doing a phenomenal job heading up the third Poly Leadership Summit.  The Summit took place just after Poly Living Philadelphia.   The Summit was put together somewhat last minute and Reid stepped forward to help organize and facilitate.

Sunday night started off with some fun and time to let go after a weekend of intense workshops.  Monday it was down to business of really defining why we ...

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Poly Living Philadelphia 2010

Poly Living in Philly last month was phenomenal from the amazing presenters and workshops to the smiling faces of the many people attending for the first time.

Friday night opened with a fund video showcasing the comedic side of polyamory with clips from different TV shows.  Reid Mihalko kept people laughing with a great keynote and set the stage for the weekend.  We were blessed with a great group of work exchange ...

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The Jealousy Excuse, Can We Please Get Real?

I hear it all the time and everywhere when the subject of Polyamory comes up, “what about jealousy?” or “do poly people get jealous” or the declaration, “I can’t deal with jealousy so I could never be in an open relationship”.  At times these repeated questions and statements are heard so often that many poly people have almost rehearsed speeches to talk to people or reporters about poly and jealousy.

I was reading an article this morning, as is often true ...

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10 on Polyamory and Raising Kids


Robyn Trask of Loving More interviewed, along with several other awesome poly’s, for an article on raising kids in poly families by  Mom Logic.  The article is actually nice.  As is typical many of the comments are scathing.



For some, being polyamorous provides more love and support for the kids than does being in a monogamous household.

Ronda Kaysen: Most nights, Matt Bullen’s 7-year-old ...

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Nine Days and Counting

PL2010 Logo

Programs are being printed, name badges made and boxes shipped.  Excitement and anticipation are building as we are just nine days away from Poly Living 2010, February 19-21, Fort Washington, PA.  Poly Living is a good way to break up the long winter and escape to a place full of ideas, warmth and open hearts.  I always look forward to connecting with the community at Poly Living.  Every year I love ...

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Polyamorists Announce Court Application

This is an important issue for all of us.  The press release was sent to us from  Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association (CPAA).  You can see the original click here.

VANCOUVER — January 28, 2010 — Members of Canada’s polyamory community have applied to become an intervener in the B.C. government’s challenge of section 293 of the Criminal Code of Canada — Canada’s anti-polygamy law. The application, filed in BC Supreme Court yesterday, is on behalf of the ...

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Can We Find Balance?

One of the most challenging things for people in polyamorous relationships is finding a balance in their life between relationships and responsibilities.  This can be especially challenging for those who have children, demanding careers and/or are activists working toward awareness and tolerance.  I often get the question how do you have time for everything?  And I find myself asking that question tonight.

Many poly folks find themselves with all of the above challenges and can end up burning out in exhaustion.  ...

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Polyamory Makes the Daily Show

daily-show-334x350Well polyamory of a sort.  I was watching the Daily Show last evening when they did a story on gays wanting not only marriage rights but the right to get divorced.  In their true comedic style, they were doing an exaggerated story about a minister who opposes gays getting divorced  “No Gay Out – Jason Jones believes that God Intended man and woman to be stuck in a loveless union, not gays” ...

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What Loving More Has Meant to Me


As we work to raise funds to keep Loving More going I thought about how Loving More as an organization has touched my life and I wanted to share it.  I hope this inspires you to share your experiences. ~~ Robyn Trask

For many of us in the poly community the road to multi-partnered loving is a complicated obstacle course of emotions and evolving awareness.  Loving More to me was a port in ...

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Robyn Trask guest on Defy the Box Radio Tonight


Robyn Trask, Director of Loving More, will be a guest on Defy the Box Radio tonight January 12, 9:00pm eastern time.  You can tun in if you wish at

Here is the information from their website;  Loving More : Living a Polyamorous Life Robyn Trask from Loving More will be here to discuss what this life choice is really all about.

If ...

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