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Monogamy VS Polyamory: Why is monogamy considered the only stable or secure relationship style?


CNN ran an article online Wednesday, October 28, called Mate Debate: Is Monogamy Realistic? (  The article mentions polyamory which is another example of the growing mainstream interest in the subject.  I agree though with Alan of Polyamory in the News ( said  “I just wish the subject had been treated more as a positive expansion of love in its own right, rather than as a workaround for monogamy’s failures.” ...

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French Television Polyamory and The Butterfly Effect


The French show Effet Papillon(The Butterfly Effect) Canal Plus films did a show on polyamory partly filmed at the Loving More Retreat in September.  The show is in French but looks fairly positive.   It has been posted to You Tube .

I personally enjoyed working with the French Film crew and I appreciate their sensitivity in blurring out people who did not want to be seen.  We are hoping to ...

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Loving More 2009 Polyamory Retreat

Wow, what an amazing weekend at Easton Mountain.  Not only did we get to catch up with old friends but we made new ones with almost 50% first time attendees, several from overseas.  We had attendees from Germany, France, Netherlands, Great Britain, Italy and Puerto Rico this year which was really great to experience.  It was incredible to meet and get to know so many awesome people.  We have already booked Easton for September 10, 2010 and can’t wait to ...

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The Crumbling Foundations of Traditional Marriage and the Nuclear Family

I was standing in line at the grocery store when an issue of Time Magazine caught my eye.  The cover was a badly made wedding cake with a plastic bride and groom plowed into the top, the cover article, Unfaithfully Yours, by Caitlin Flanagan.  I had to buy it and read this article.  In the contents under the cover story listing the byline was “The two-parent family is in trouble.  Why we still need the nuclear unit-and how to save ...

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Poly Parents and Poly Kids

Reprinted from Loving More Magazine Winter Issue #37

By Robyn Trask

When I’m asked about polyamory, oftentimes the questions are “What about the kids?” or “Isn’t this confusing to children?” or “Isn’t polyamory harmful to children?” The last one, of course, is more of an accusation than a question. I am a parent, I love my three kids deeply, and I honestly have asked myself some of these ...

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