Loving More Polyamory Events

Take the time to learn and expand your potential for loving more. Our Polyamory events will help you expand your capacity to love, through educational and experiential workshops and events.


In today’s complex world of romantic relationships, finding and maintaining honest intimate relationships is both challenging and complex. We follow rules and relationship models based on societal standards that may not work for us. Polyamorous relating is even more complex. Our relationships start off like a dream come true but over time things fizzle, losing their original spice and excitement or becoming more complicated then we can deal with. With only one dominant and accepted model for loving relationships, it is not surprising many people are struggling. We at Loving More are aware of these challenges and we are dedicated to helping people become aware of choices and creating new models for loving relationships that work.

Loving More Upcoming Polyamory Events Listing


2018 PL Banner Philadelphia





MONTHLY Polyamory  Educational Webinar  Series



2018 Loving More  Annual Retreat

All Inclusive Retreat – Date TBA