Retreat – FAQ

Loving More Retreat Frequently Asked Questions


We understand that coming to a polyamory event for the first time can be a bit intimidating and people have many questions. Here are a of our most asked questions about the Loving More Retreat.

Can single people attend?

SeanYes, we welcome people coming alone and/or with their partners. This is a common question, as some people perceive the retreat as a couples retreat. It is not a swing event nor focused on couples; it is focused on polyamory. We often get a mix of singles, couples, triads, etc.


Do I have to be polyamorous to attend?

No. The retreat is open to people who are polyamorous, exploring polyamory or just curious and want to learn more about the ways it can work successfully.


Is there a dress code for the retreat?

There is no dress code at the retreat; the retreat is clothing optional. We do require that people carry a cloth or towel to sit on if they choose to be nude at times.


The retreat is clothing optional… do I have to take off my clothes?

No, nudity is optional. Some people are nudist and enjoy the clothing optional environment. In practice, there usually hasn’t been much nudity except around the pool and sauna. Many people dress casual, some wear a sarong or some even their PJs. We recommend people do what is comfortable for them. Knowing and being comfortable in your own preferences is a strong community ethic among us.


When should I get there?

We recommend arriving mid-afternoon Friday, around 2:30 to 3:00. Check-in opens at 3:30 and dinner is at 6:00. Opening circle is at 7:00. Arriving by 3 gives you time to settle in, visit with people and relax before dinner. But you may arrive late if you need to.

What are the lodging options?

quadBunkhouse lodging is included in your registration fee. The lodge bunk rooms are motel-like rooms with four bunk beds and a bathroom. In the bunkhouse rooms you may have up to three roommates. We have male, female and coed bunkrooms. Private rooms are extra and have a double bed; they usually sell out by mid-March. You can bring a tent and camp out (there are large lawns) for a discount. Campers use the bathrooms and showers in the main lodge.


Are meals included?

Meals are included Friday dinner through Sunday lunch. Meals offered are vegetarian, vegan, meat and gluten free. We do our best to accommodate special needs and food allergies, just let us know. For people with special food needs there is a fridge available.


Is this a good place to hook up?

Loving More events are educational in nature and not really a place to come if all you want to do is hook up. In particular, people’s boundaries are highly respected and we create a very safe space. That said, many people do make lifelong connections with both friends and lovers at events. We tell people come for the learning and community and be open to possibilities if you wish.


How is the retreat different from Poly Living?

OpeningCircleThe retreat is an experience in community and what Loving More started as its conferences many years ago. It is much smaller and more intimate. The retreat is clothing optional, and workshops are longer and more in-depth and interactive. The community is together for all meals, giving an opportunity to connect with people.

Poly Living is a large hotel conference and a great place to learn about polyamory and to meet poly people from all over. There are more workshop options. It is in a hotel and the kinds of workshops we can do are limited. In addition meals and lodging are not included at Poly Living.




What’s the location like?

SunsetEaston Mountain is a rural retreat center with a spiritual orientation that has been run by a gay collective for many years. It hosts numerous outside events around the year, including ours. See pictures and full details at the Easton Mountain website.

What airport should I fly into?

Albany is the nearest airport. We have an airport shuttle for people flying in or coming by train. Contact us for details.