Rocky Mountain Poly Living 2016 – Polyamory Presentations


This list is partial, tentative and subject to change!

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Loving More is excited to bring this amazing line-up of polyamory and open relationships workshops. Rocky Mountain Poly Living offers a wide range of workshops designed to bring a basic understanding of polyamory and open relationships as well as workshops on deepening intimacy, playing well with others and skills to improve communication, trust and respect in our polyamorous and/or open partnerships. Education designed to foster successful polyamorous and open relationships for people who are single, married, part of a couple, a  triad, a network or just looking for something beyond monogamy in your romantic connections.


Building the Poly Future

Alan M

It’s a great time to be a relationship revolutionary. We’re incredibly lucky to live when ideas like ours can be noticed, take root, and thrive. Polyamory confronts the world with deep new relationship values, new modes of loving intimacy, and demands for self-determination — backed by high ideals of ethics, honesty, and communication. The world is noticing, and it’s fascinated. So the wind is with us — but how should we steer the ship? Amid snuggles and hugs, you here this weekend can help shape the poly movement’s future. What fun!


List of Presentations


What Does Polyamory Look Like?

Mim Chapman, PhD

What is your poly relationship dream, and what does it look like in action? A wide variety of models for loving and living are emerging within the poly community. This interactive workshop will give you the opportunity to look at some of them and explore what best matches your fantasies, desires, and needs. It will propose a vocabulary to describe these varied forms of poly lifestyles, both to ourselves and to our potential partner(s). There can be as much difference between two models of poly living as there is between poly and mono!  Come share what YOUR poly family or your poly dream looks like, and explore some of the ways folks have developed what one poly leader calls “Poly Designer Relationships.”


Creating Your Safer Sex Elevator SpeechSafeSex

Reid Mihalko

If someone asked you what your safer sex protocols are, could you answer in 2-minutes or less? World-renowned sex and relationship educator Reid Mihalko can, and thinks you should be able to as well. Join Reid as he guides you through an empowering, informative and humorous talk aimed at getting your “Safer Sex Elevator Speech” down pat! This workshop is designed to give you the tools to discern what your health and emotional safety needs are and how to communicate them clearly, concisely, and without shame. Topic Include: What “safer sex” actually means, What “Harm Reduction” and “Risk Reduction” models of safer sex look like, The difference between emotional safety factors and health safety factors, How treating safety factors separately makes for a healthier and less stressful world for you and your partners, Reid’s recommended safer sex paraphernalia, Not-so-scary ways to inform yourself regarding STIs and gauge your needs around them, How to take your needs and communicate them clearly, How choose lovers and play partners who meet your standards, What to do and how to support one another when someone tests positive for an STI. Help strengthen our communities and keep ourselves, our lovers and lovers’ lovers healthier by talking about safer sex and communicating personal needs and boundaries clearly.


Understanding Jealousy:  Mastering the Green-eyed Monster

Chas August

Almost all human beings experience jealousy, as do most mammals (if you’ve ever owned a pet you’ve seen it get jealous when you paid attention to someone else’s pet).   Living in a poly relationship can sometimes engender feelings and lots of drama around jealousy.   Join Chas August as we explore the underlying causes of jealousy, discover how and when jealousy serves our relationship, and learn a set of tools for dealing with jealousy.


Polyamory and Intersectionality: Diversity, Inclusion, and Representation

Kevin Patterson

The people who make up polyamory are often loud and proud when it comes to feminism. They have lots to say when it comes to issues within the queer communities. Unfortunately, we’re woefully silent on issues of race…to the point where our local communities are all but devoid of people of color. This workshop is about the importance of diversifying polyamory in the mainstream, within our own communities, and especially within our hearts and minds.  The goal of this workshop is to discover why diversity matters, construct ways to foster it, and brainstorm what to do when you encounter it.75674642


Poly Dating – Yes Please, May I Have Another?!?

Julio Cortés

This exciting workshop is for brave souls who wish to actively participate in relationships with poly folk. Whether poly or not, this workshop is designed to help anyone in their dating, whether a newbie or poly-ninja, to get more of what they want while dealing with the complexities of the different poly relationship dynamics. Dating not only doesn’t need to be hard! It can be fun, sexy and even enlightening. The workshop will briefly get into how to start the dating (i.e. where to find good people), as this is an important aspect, and continue into the major topics of self-care, caring for one’s partner(s), NRE, values and integrity that make this type of dating ethical and sustainable. This will be a deep dive with a lot of twist and turns and it is requested that participants be ok with having assumptions questioned and challenged – for this is how we can learn, grow and change. The relationship format is part lecture, discussion and Q&A with the focus of getting participants to a deeper awareness of what they want and how to get it while respecting themselves and others in the community.  Good for singles and partners of all genders and orientations.


Blissful Transitions in Polyamorous Relationships

Amanda Anatra

Desiring to transition or renegotiate a relationship, yet unsure how to gracefully communicate this to your partners? Struggling to participate in a renegotiation initiated by one of your partners? Amanda will help you gain clarity, explore sensitive topics, and express your desires with authenticity and compassion. She will help you reframe an unexpected turn as an opportunity to create a new beginning for yourself or your partners. Amanda will melt your heart with her vulnerable stories, inspire you to surrender to the present and help you to navigate this phase of your relationship. She will help you build long-term success by setting boundaries for yourself and the relationship. This workshop was lovingly co-created with Ben Artin.


NRE vs. ERE: How to balance New Relationships vs. Established Relationships

Robert McGarey, M.A

Let’s face it: new relationships are mesmerizing. When we’ve got those irresistible neurotransmitters exploding in our brain, creating intoxicating feelings of new love, it’s easy to forget about the relationships that have been around for a while. The result? I’ve seen it; it’s not pretty. This workshops helps you eliminate the tug-of-war between old and new and balance your relationships in a way that works for everyone, including you!


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Hap-Poly Ever After:  Long-Term Poly Partnership

Ben Silver

What does committed long-term polyamory look like?  What kinds of agreements and relationship structures can thrive and support each partner’s development and growth to make their dreams come true throughout their lifecycles?  What have we learned about making this lifestyle work?  And what shapes do our households and emotional lives take on, several decades down this path?  For folks who want to share what they’ve done and how, or ask questions of those who have, a discussion (along with some roleplaying) of long-term polyamory and poly families with and without children.


Representing Poly in the Media; Good, Bad and UglyTermsofEndearments Baltimore Sun 2005

Alan M

Since Alan M. started the Polyamory in the News site ( in 2005, he has posted about more than 2,000 newspaper and magazine articles, TV news coverage and radio interviews, books, ads, comics, and all sorts of new media. Come share highlights (and lowlights). And learn some tips on representing poly, or anything else, effectively in the media. Simple tricks can make you dazzle.


Polyamory, Loving More, Taking Our Movement Forward


Polyamory, swinging, relationship anarchy, and other non-traditional relationship orientations are moving into the spotlight. What can we do as a community to help safe guard our basic right to form love and romantic partnerships in a way that is authentic, honest and open? The intent of this session is to find out what the community wants/needs from Loving More Nonprofit, to give people more understanding of what it is the organization does and to find ways we all can work together to change the world.


Create More Love in your Life

Chas August

Chas August, of the Human Awareness Institute (HAI), leads participants through a gentle series of exercises designed to open hearts and feel connected with others. Experience emotional openness and heart-felt connections, and discover more possibilities for what love can be in your life. Come and discover how HAI has helped tens of thousands of participants, worldwide enhance their relationships and their lives.


Consent Conversations: Creating a Culture of Consent

Janet Rose

There has been a lot of attention drawn to consent in the media and in popular culture lately including Lady Gaga’s breathtaking performance of “Until it Happens to You” during the Oscars this year. Many assume that because polyamorous relationships rely the knowledge and consent of everyone involved, that we already have a culture of consent. Nevertheless, the topic of consent runs much deeper than many of us realize and we as a culture still carry inherent biases and myths that enforce just the opposite. Abuse can happen in any community and within any relationship and often in ways that aren’t easy to identify. This class arose out of conversations within the local kink community when faced with an enormous crisis around consent. Consent thrives with communication; therefore this class will focus on facilitating a respectful but honest conversation around best practices for building a culture of consent in our relationships and communities. [Trigger Warnings] Through exploration of the cultural myths still at play, the barriers to recognizing abusive dynamics and identifying situations and behaviors where we can improve our consent practices, we can build stronger, better relationships and communities that help everyone feel safe and valued.


Ethics and Transparency in Polyamory


What is ethical non-monogamy? What is the difference between polyamory and cheating? Ethics and transparency is what makes polyamory function. We will discuss what happens when honesty is not included in polyamory and the need for transparency. Communication is key, but it isn’t everything. I will outline my “golden rules” of polyamory and how they apply to your specific family. Don’t feel like you can integrate ethics and transparency into your family? I will open up the last part of the class for discussion and questions.


Running on Empty: Extending empathy when compassion fatigue hits

Janet Rose

One of the best things about polyamory is just how much you find your heart expands to encompass many people, many loves. Extending empathy to others is a natural phenomenon that occurs in poly relationships because when we connect to others on multiple levels, inevitably we become more empathetic. We experience a greater sensitivity and awareness to the multitude of people in our lives. However, each connection we make, no matter how healthy or how positive, will require us to find energy and need replenishment to keep going.  This is true especially as we encounter difficulties, challenges and conflicts, a natural part of human interaction.  And if we’re not careful compassion fatigue can set in. And while this problem is not unique to polyamory, compassion fatigue in our relationships can pose additional problems and unnecessary conflict. In this workshop we’ll explore the signs of compassion fatigue, the tools available to us and ways to support our partners and ourselves as we continue to expand love in our lives.


Societal Programming, Guilt and the Little White Lies….

How can we overcome the unconscious programs that threaten our success in poly relating

Jesus Garcia & Robyn Trask

Do you ever find yourself feeling guilty for having fun with a sweetie while your other sweetie is at home with the kids? Do you sometimes find yourself saying “we only snuggled a bit” only to say the next day “and oh we did have sex a little” or “we didn’t really have sex it was just a blow job” out of guilt or fear of hurting your partner? Our culture does not teach us much about navigating mono relationships much less how to deal with multiples. In addition we are inundated by messages that if we really love our partner we will lie, never want anyone else and never hurt the one we AlbanyGroup2013editedlove. You come to poly relating with a suitcase of behaviors that are not conducive to successful relating, poly or mono. In this led discussion we will look at the why and how of these and other counter-productive strategies that can interfere with successful loving relationships.




Beyond Binary: Exploring Gender & Polyamory

Robin Renée

Gender is about much more than checking the M or F box on a survey form. Many of us exist in between or outside the binary. In this workshop session, we will discuss the differences and relationships between biological sex, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual and emotional attraction. We will consider the many and varied gender identities and expressions, how we may identify personally, and those to which we find ourselves most drawn in a partner. In our poly worlds, there may be no reason to choose just one.


Making SENSE of Sex: A Journey of SENSE-ation

Dan Powers & Elizabeth Wood

This class will help you learn how to differentiate between sensuality and sexuality. We will teach you when to be sensual, when to be sexual and when to more deeply interweave the two making for mind blowing sex. In class we will explore all of the senses so that each student can live with more sensation in his/her daily life. Attendees will walk away with a deeper appreciation of sensuality as the primary ingredient of delicious sex whether they be single or in partnership.


Plays Well With Others: Negotiating Relationship Boundaries and Agreements

Reid Mihalko

Successfully navigating group sexual dynamics in relationships takes skill, patience and a little bit of luck. If “luck” is where opportunity and preparation meet, then learning how to negotiate sound relationship boundaries and agreements is a sure-fire way to make the two, or three, or four of you the luckiest people on Earth!  How do you, and your partner or partners (if you’ve got any), figure out what will work best? What is open to renegotiation? And what do you do when the inevitable challenges arise or when someone makes a bad call?  In this humorous, interactive workshop, you will learn:  The most common pitfalls of relationship agreements for group sex and how to avoid them. How to figure out what a boundary is and where your boundaries exist, so all involved can negotiate a win-win!  How and when to renegotiate an existing agreement, Negotiating techniques for when you’re the single person joining in with a others, How to merge different styles of so that everyone has a decent chance of ending up happy “the day after,” Five essential things that will help you survive any group sexploration, How to work through upsets in ways that will make your relationships stronger.


Saturday Night Extras


The Game Room

The game room is a place to have fun and connect with other attendees playing a myriad of fun games: Cards Against
Humanity (for those who enjoy being offended), Sexxxtions (learn about sexual adventures and preferences), Giant Twister
(Up to 26 people playing) and much more… Join in the fun and hang out a while. (Feel free to bring your own games.)


Poly Movie 

 See the registration desk for movie options and to cast your vote.


Cuddle Party

Amanda Anatra

Ever just need a HUG? Want to meet new people?  This is an EMPOWERING workshop on boundaries, consent and communication skills.  Come out and try this unique oxytocin bliss-filled experience and let your stresses melt away. In our cozy, safe space, we will start with icebreakers and the rules of cuddling for the evening. You will gain practice in setting boundaries, expressing your NO and delivering it with compassion. Simultaneously, you will be encouraged to navigate our space with fearlessness and fun to ultimately discover your HEAVENS YES Dreams! These are skills that can be taken back into your personal life and can drastically improve ALL of your relationships! You will walk away with newfound confidence and unforgettable memories!  Bring your Pj’s and Experience Ananda! Cost: $15/person

The Sensuality/Sexuality Playshop

Chas August

Join us for a shared physical/emotional/spiritual experience.  Together we’ll create a safe container for you and your beloved(s) to explore sensuality, sexuality, and feelings of yummy connection.  Break through your inhibitions, expand traditional boundaries, and deepen intimate connection.  Try on some new ways of expressing your sexuality and be able to share your experiences with others on this erotic journey. Sign-up with a partner or partners – no single individual sign-ups.  You will be doing all of the exercises with your partner(s).  Space is limited. Cost: $20/person