**This list is tentative and is subject to change**

Loving More Nonprofit is delighted to bring together a remarkable line up of polyamory professionals with years of experience as facilitators teaching and sharing their knowledge of how to have successful polyamory and open relationships and deepen connections. These workshops leaders are therapists, legal professionals, authors, professors and polyamory experts, offering their wisdom and expertise as advocates for modern romance, love and relationships beyond the confines of traditional monogamy. We appreciate the tremendous effort and talent they bring. They make this extraordinary polyamory event, Rocky Mountain Poly Living, possible.



Dossie Easton

DossieEastonEthicalSlutDossie, a long time player on the San Francisco S/M scene and well-known killer bottom, is co-author with Janet Hardy of The Ethical Slut, a practical guide to polyamory, open relationships and other adventures, newly in its second edition, as well as The New Bottoming Book and The New Topping Book, When Someone You Love Is Kinky, a book designed to give to outsiders to inform them about kink lifestyles, and Radical Ecstasy:  SM Journeys to Transcendence.  She is a licensed psychotherapist working with individuals, couples and more in her private practice, with a particular interest in how unlearning jealousy can bring old wounds into the healing light of consciousness and teach us how to treat ourselves very well.

An active sex radical since 1961, Dossie makes her home in the mountains north of San Francisco, travels around to teach at conferences all over the world, and spends her nonexistent free time hiking the hills declaiming filthy poetry to the vultures and hosting outrageous pajama parties.  You can check out her website at www.dossieeaston.com.



Workshop Presenters


Elon de Arcana

ElonNearSpokane-306Elon de Arcana is a founding member of the Nonesuch family, a quad that has been together over 10 years. She is fully out as a polyamorous person and works to expand understanding and acceptance of polyamory. Two of Elon’s primary interests in line families are economies of scale and having a date on New Year’s Eve. From a young age, Elon has questioned the reasonableness of every small family group needing to own all of the tools needed to run a household. Along with physical resources, Elon questioned why humans did not share emotional resources, aka love and friendship, more freely. She has found that the line family model addresses economic and emotional issues very well.




Chas August

Charles AugustChas August is a brilliant, deep, loving, and compassionate man.  Chas has distilled decades of the most practical, loving and intense positive, “change-producing-practices” into powerfully transformational experiences.  He exemplifies these qualities in a deeply loving and powerful way in his work with groups, couples, and individuals.  Chas is a former facilitator for the Human Awareness Institute, HAI, founded by Stan Dale, where he led hundreds workshops, worldwide, in Love, Intimacy, & Sexuality.  He is a Podcaster/Blogger for Personal Life Media on Sex, Love, and Intimacy www.PersonalLifeMedia.com/podcasts/222-sex-love-and-itimacy.  Chas also has a private practice as a Relationship & Intimacy Coach, www.chasaugust.com, where he facilitates healing and positive life changes.  He is acutely aware of the love in all people and has an impeccable ability to reflect those loving aspects hidden behind the smoky mirror of learned programs.  He also teaches workshops on “Healing Anger,” “Freeing Your Passion,” “Communications,” and more.  An experience with Chas and his flirtatious, loving & sexual nature is an experience that will stay deep in your heart for a long time to come.



Mim Chapman Ph.D.

mimbookpicMim Chapman, Ph.D., is the author of What is Polyamory?, a new book about the forms of poly diversity. She is an educator, a learner, and a change agent, relationship coach, keynote speaker, educator, and has been entertaining and mentoring people for more years than she chooses to admit.  She is a certified Myers-Briggs trainer and has led workshops in various aspects of diversity, learning styles, multiple intelligences, collaboration, anti-harassment, sexuality, and the change process for conferences, schools and businesses. She was Alaska’s “Curriculum Leader of the Year,” Toastmaster’s “Communicator of the Year,” and the YWCA/British Petroleum “Woman of Achievement.”  Her current creative passion is her sex education performance-art piece, “The VP (vagina-penis) Dialogues,” which has been performed in a variety of venues. Mim serves on the Board of Directors of Loving More and Unitarian Universalists for Polyamory Awareness.



Julio Cortes

JulioJulio Cortés is a trainer and consultant who specializes in building long-term mutually beneficial relationships using a blend of modalities from eastern and western philosophies and spiritual practices. A graduate in East Asian Studies with a focus on Chinese and Japanese Philosophy from UCLA, Julio has dedicated his life to finding simple yet powerful ways to assist people in becoming more effective and fulfilled, as they find the bigger picture in their lives.  Julio teaches workshops and seminars on effective communication, relationship skills building and sacred sexuality.  He has studied with such teachers and masters as Dan Millman, Mantak Chia, Wang Fu-lai, Jibiki Hidemine, and Jim Tamm and has been teaching and in practice since 1991 in the United States and Japan.  In addition Julio is also a licensed Tai Chi instructor with additional extensive martial arts training in other systems (Jeet Kune Do,  Zong Nan/Cheng-Ming Internal Kung Fu, Systema).  Finally, Julio has had in-depth intensive training in energy work and is a master healer and teacher in several modalities (Reiki, Johrei, Sekhem, Qigong, Light Body).



Beverly Dale

lowresboapurdomRev Bev is a public theologian who challenges sex-negativity both in the Christian church and culture as she helps people reconnect their spirits and their bodies. A lively and entertaining public speaker who uses music, poetry, and story telling as an ordained clergy she has presented workshops at Charm City Fetish conference, Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit and at previous Poly Living conferences. She provides spiritual direction for those in non–exclusive and non-heteronormative relationships and is currently the founder and chair of the Incarnation Institute for Sex and Faith  a non-profit that provides educational initiatives on the breadth of diversity of sexual expressions within a Christian framework that is sex-positive, body affirming, and women-friendly. She is the co-founder of the Pennsylvania Coalition for Reproductive Justice and has served as a volunteer chaplain at Planned Parenthood. She has been recognized by the Philadelphia Law Project for her work in passage of the Domestic Partnership Law in Philadelphia and been given the Community Service Award by the Diabolique Foundation as a “Kink-positive Missionary of Pleasure.” She is currently completing her first book, Sex Without Apology, Becoming a Sex-Positive Person of Faith in a Sex-Negative Culture. www.beverlydale.org




Jesus “Chuy” Garcia

JesusJesus Garcia is the Board President of Loving More Nonprofit, polyamory activist and leader in the community. He is a native of the San Francisco Bay area who began exploring alternatives to monogamy in 2004. In 2005 he attended his first Loving More Retreat. In September 2007 he was invited to join Loving More’s Board of Directors. He has worked at raising money for many worthy causes and continues to work tirelessly as Loving More Nonprofit’s volunteer Director of IT. Jesus has been presenting on polyamory at conferences, Universities and special events. He is a key coordinator for Loving More conferences and volunteers. Jesus has appeared on the Montel Williams show and was featured in a recent documentary, I Love You and You and You, on Our America with Lisa Ling. In addition Jesus has worked in the computer information technology field since 1995 and is currently a senior systems administrator living in Colorado.




Richard Gilmore

rlgHeadShot-306Richard Gilmore is a long time polyamory activist, researcher and writer. His primary research is on poly family economics, group decision making and non-sexual intimacy. He is also the vice president of Polycamp NW and the host of Seattle’s Poly Potluck. He joined Elon and her husband Jim, 12 years ago, to form a triad that quickly grew to a quad with in addition of Jim’s girlfriend Judy to the family. Richard is currently writing a book, with the help of Elon, that expands on the topics they cover in their presentation. Elon and Richard have given their presentation across the country from Maui to upstate New York, at science fiction conventions and private homes. They are eagerly anticipating coming to the 8th annual Poly Living Conference.




John Hoelle

John Hoelle headshot CROPJohn is a self-described scholar of relationships and marriage.  Having been married almost his entire adult life, he draws on his personal experiences with marriage, polyamory, and divorce in order to help individuals and couples transition into and out of relationships.  He is trained in “collaborative law,” a negotiation-centered process in which parties prepare agreements or settlements outside of the adversarial courtroom context, while also routinely representing parties in divorce litigation.  He is a father of two children and the founder of The Fathers Circle, an organization providing support and education to dads around the world.  John works as an attorney at Carrigan Law, LLC in Boulder, Colorado, providing legal services to all families. www.carriganlawllc.com




Miriam Katz

KatzINTMiriam Katz lives in Toronto and works as a freelance writer. I have been poly since August 2012 and thoroughly enjoy it. I write about polyamory and give relationship advice at askmiriam.ca. I was born and raised in Toronto and have also lived in England, Japan, and briefly Germany. I hold a Master’s in Environmental Studies from York University in Toronto, for which I studied the German anti-nuclear movement. I have presented independent research on polyamory at the International Academic Polyamory Conference in February 2013 and at the Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association’s conference in Vancouver in May 2013.




Robert McGarey, M.A.

BobRobert McGarey, M.A., has a contagious love for life and a quirky sense of humor. He has been leading personal growth groups for thirty years, and has been poly for more than twenty five. He has served as the Roving Poly Counselor at five Loving More Conferences. He’s founder and director of the nonprofit Human Potential Center in Austin, Texas, and is the author of the Poly Communication Survival Kit. Contact him by emailing Bob@HumanPotentialCenter.org, calling (512) 441-8988, or visiting www.HumanPotentialCenter.org/Poly.





Alexis Neely

alexis_neely on ABCAlexis Neely is the founder of the Family Wealth Planning Institute and the author of the best-selling book on legal planning for parents, Wear Clean Underwear.  She has appeared on numerous top rated television shows, including the Today Show and Good Morning America to discuss the importance of legal planning for families of all types.  Most importantly, she is the mother of two children and in a loving, long-term open partnership. http://about.me/alexisneely




Suzann Robins 

SuzannInterpersonal communications is Suzann’s specialty. Her most recent book, Exploring Intimacy: Cultivating Healthy Relationships through Insight and Intuition, published by Rowman and Littlefield, traces the history of libido as the creative life force. She finds an awareness of libido to be an important aspect for improving relationships. Having taught on both coasts and in Europe, Suzann now lives in Denver, where she engages clients using aspects of positive psychology to encourage them to think outside the box and become change agents. She will inspire you to live a joy-filled energized life!




Evalena Rose, M. A.

EvalenaEvalena Rose, M. A., has taught Tantra for 22 years and is a skillful coach in intimacy practices and communication skills.  She has helped people heal emotionally and spiritually through MetaTherapy and energetic healing for 35 years.  She had decades of study in alternative healing, shamanism, spiritual paths, Soul Retreival, Tantra, inner child work, and recovery from abuse and addiction.  Evalena founded LoveJourney: the Healing Path of Tantra in 1997. Since that time, she has been sponsoring workshops and supporting a compassionate community practicing the highest erotic and romantic arts.  For more information, please visit her website at http://www.lovejourneytantra.com/.






Janet Rose

Janet2011Oct11 005Janet Rose is a Colorado native, professional mediator, non-practicing attorney, compassionate referee for co-parents, transformative consultant, and fierce advocate for consent culture.  Following a deeply spiritual calling that started when she was just 12 years old, she has worked with hundreds of individuals on a personal and professional level to resolve disputes, heal emotional wounds and ultimately transform how they connect with others.  Her career has focused on building bridges, fostering understanding and shining her light in the dark corners of humanity.  In 2006 she was publicly outed for pursuing honest and open relationships with integrity and love.  She chose to transform this hurtful experience to now teach others about consent, inclusivity and positive transformation particularly in the poly, queer and leather communities.  Since 2011, she has run her own mediation and parenting coordination/decision-making practice, Rose Solutions, LLC in Denver, Colo., which specializes in resolving disputes for LGBTQ and modern, self-actualized families of all varieties. A married poly mother of 2, in her spare time she studies tribal fusion belly dance, advocates for sexual freedom and is authoring a book about how attorneys can become more heart-centered in their lives and practice.





Aggie Sez

Aggie Sez has been poly all her life, but a decade ago she finally realized polyamory is a viable alternative to monogamy and put it into practice. She’s primarily heterosexual, currently single, lives alone, and is unpartnered.  Aggie has had a wide range of relationship experience. She’s been in an 18-year primary relationship which included 12 years of legal marriage. After coming out as poly she spent 7 years as a married poly person. She’s also been part of a poly quad. She’s been both the apex and endpoint of v-style poly relationships — as part of a primary couple, and as a solo. She’s had long-term relationships with married poly men, and she’s dated both poly/open solos and those who identify as at least nominally monogamous. After her amicable divorce (she’s still very close with her former spouse), Aggie hasn’t had — and isn’t seeking — a primary life partner. The solo life offers many advantages she’s unwilling to sacrifice. Living as a free agent is highly fulfilling and empowering.

Aggie enjoys both casual and committed poly/open relationships with honest people who treat her responsibly and well. She doesn’t enjoy relationships with partners and metamours who fail to meet those benchmarks. And she believes strongly in the importance of direct communication and negotiation in open relationships.




Dr. Elisabeth Sheff

EliSheffDr. Elisabeth Sheff is the foremost academic and legal expert on polyamory in the United States, and the worldwide expert on polyamorous families with children. Author of The Polyamorists Next Door: Inside Multiple-Partner Relationships and Families (2013, Rowman and Littlefield), Sheff’s academic research has focused on sexual minorities and their families, with studies on poly families with children and the intersections between and among unconventional sexual identities, including swingers, kinksters (people who practice BDSM or sadomasochism), and polyamorists. With a Ph.D. in Sociology, 15 years of teaching and research experience at three major US universities, and certifications as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (Fulton County, Georgia) and a Sexuality Educator (AASECT), Sheff is the CEO and Director of Legal Services at Sheff Consulting Group (SCG), a think-tank of experts providing legal and educational services for unconventional and/or underserved people and those who need to know about them. You can find her blog The Polyamorists Next Door on the Psychology Today website at http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-polyamorists-next-door, and her publications and presentations on her own website at http://www.elisabethsheff.com.



Ben Silver

bensilverBen is a singer, musician and poly and bi activist who has been in an open primary relationship for 26 years.  He and his partner started a support group for committed non-monogamous relationships in the ‘80s which met monthly for over 15 years.  As a performer, Ben’s music slides through folk, R&B, funk, jazz and back again; he sings about freedom, the environment, LBGT issues, parenting and love.  His writing has been published in “Carry it On,” ”Sing Out” magazine and the book “Hearing Everyone’s Voice.”




Robyn L Trask

RobynINT1editRobyn is the Executive Director of Loving More Non-Profit, a national leader for polyamory awareness, polyamory counselor, workshop facilitator and writer. Since 2004 Robyn has worked to expand media awareness of polyamory appearing in numerous articles, radio shows and TV. Robyn and Loving More were instrumental in the formation of Polyamory Leadership Network. A national speaker and advocate for polyamory she has been a speaker at conferences, taught at universities and been a featured keynote speaker. As a polyamory relationship expert and spokesperson, Robyn has been interviewed by newspapers around the world, been featured on numerous radio shows and several television features including Baisden After Dark, The Montel Show, the recent documentary, I Love You and You and You, on Our America with Lisa Ling and Huff Post Live. Robyn has been openly polyamorous for 23 years, raising three children in a polyamorous family.  Robyn has been running polyamory support groups, teaching and facilitating relationship and sexuality workshop since 1999. In addition she counsels polyamorous individuals and families. Currently Robyn is working on two polyamory related books.