Presenter Guidelines for Loving More Events


We need presenters to attend a pre-event meeting on Friday afternoon prior to the event.  (Some exceptions can be made and we may request an additional meeting for the retreat.)

  • We will go over the schedule and discuss any last minute details, challenges or changes.

  • You will also be able to meet other presenters.

We find this meeting helps presenters and the conference to run more smoothly.

  • You will have a limited time, 1.5 hours, for your presentation (Retreat presentations are 1.75 hours or longer). We ask that you adhere strictly to the schedule and remember that if you go over, you are infringing on other people’s time. Please stay within the time frame allotted. Presentations that run more than five minutes over will be interrupted by Loving More staff. Presenters are expected to attend the full weekend of the event. If you don’t want to participate and be part of the polyamory community then we feel you may not be the right fit for our events (some exceptions can be made, please talk to us).

  • All presenters will be asked to stand at the opening meeting (Conferences only) so you need to be on time to the event.

  • The attendee guidelines apply to presenters as well as attendees and are sent out prior to the event. Failure to follow guidelines will result in not being invited to present in the future for Loving More.

  • We expect presenters to conduct themselves professionally and be an example. Honor boundaries, ask consent, and model healthy relating.

  • Know that as a presenter, the participants will be looking to you as representatives of the poly community and Loving More. You may be asked for guidance and information. We have confidence that you will be professional and honor the boundaries and privacy of the participants and each other.

  • Poly Living Conferences are hosted in a public hotel; please keep this in mind when preparing your presentation. Unlike Loving More Retreats, clothing optional workshops are generally not a part of Poly Living but we often make exceptions. They do require advance approval of Loving More and special accommodations within the hotel so please let us know in advance if this is part of workshop you have planned.

  • Please be sure to fill out all your workshop needs for seating and equipment as we can’t accommodate last minute requests or changes.

  • Conference Workshop schedule is always a huge challenge. We work to offer a variety of interests, levels,  interactive, and non-interactive workshops in each session with careful consideration given to the overall needs of the community and the conference. Your workshop will be scheduled with this in mind and could be set in any session Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon.  If you will be flying in and need to fly out Sunday, please let us know when your presentation is accepted and we will do our best to work with you.

  • If you have questions or concerns we ask that you call (970-667-5683) rather than email. We often receive a high volume of email before a conference, it can take a bit to get back to people and email can get lost in the shuffle.

  • Loving More is a donor supported Nonprofit with limited resources, we ask the presenters agree to help in promoting the event. Fliers, PDFs and other materials will be made available. Only through community effort and working together can we grow the events which benefits all of us from presenters to attendees.


Thanks for your help!


Robyn Trask

Executive Director

Loving More Nonprofit