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Loving More Update 8-4-09

I will be using the blog to update happenings and information about Loving More, the magazine, membership, and other announcements.

The online magazine is done and up and running but many are asking about the PDF/printable version for members.  We will be getting those to members in about a week.  We have some technical issues to work out.  Members will be able to download an offline version with viewer of each online issue along with the PDF.

We will be adding a feature to the magazine that will allow comments on articles.  It will simply link to the blog for article comments.

The Retreat in September is gearing up and we will have a list of presenters/presentations up by the end of the week.  We are getting a lot of response from the Newsweek article and release of Loving More Magazine so we expect a full house at Easton Mountain.

Thanks to everyone for the wonderful feedback on the magazine.

Love and Light,

Robyn Trask, Loving More

Loving More staff writer – Loving More (81 Posts)


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