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Redefining Faithfulness

By Mystic Life

I was recently asked, via my blog, to respond to the question I’ve listed below from a woman who was (like most of us) raised to be monogamous.

Upon reflection, I felt that my response may be helpful to readers who are still in the process of defining their values, or who perhaps have friends or family who try to challenge their choice to be polyamorous by stating it requires them to be “unfaithful” to their partner.

“Why is it ...

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More Thoughts on Spiritual Polyamory

by Mystic Life, Author of Spiritual Polyamory

I used to believe that the world would be a better place if everyone was polyamorous.  Perhaps in a utopian world in which there was no ego, no fear, and no childhood wounds, that would be true.  However, I’ve come to learn that people need to be where they’re at, and not push themselves beyond their personal boundaries in order to fit some ideal.

When ...

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Polyamory as a Spiritual Partnership

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