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The Loving More® conferences are the largest polyamory conferences in the world. These events are a great place to meet others like you who are exploring what's possible in relationships. You can ""hear from experts,"" find out ""is this for me?"" and see who else is exploring these possibilities and perhaps find new friends and partners in the process. ALL THIS AND MORE HAPPENS EVERY YEAR. Each conference typically has from 150 to 200+ people attending. "


Rocky Mountain Poly Living Denver April 27-29, 2018
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Rocky Mountain Poly Living Denver April 27-29, 2018 FULL WEEKEND -

This Spring join Loving More® and polyamorists from all over the country for the 5th Annual Rocky Mountain Poly Living Polyamory Conference in Denver, CO.  Loving More’s Poly Living Conferences are focused on polyamory and open relationships; a place to learn skills, explore, and connect with polyamorous open minded singles, couples, triads & networks.

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