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Poly Communication Survival Kit

Poly Communication Survival Kit

Poly Communication Survival Kit

Imagine that you're in the jungle and you just got bitten by a cobra. What do you reach for? Your survival kit, of course. And if you're polyamorous, make sure you reach for the Poly Communication Survival Kit. A survival kit provides bare essentials that are necessary when we're in life-threatening circumstances: the basic tools we must have in order to make a difficult situation livable. Survival kits are compact and portable, giving us speedy access to crucial tools when we're in trouble and need them the most.

That's the goal of this book: to provide in brief and usable form all the basic tools you need in order to communicate well, even in difficult circumstances. Hopefully you'll continue to expand and deepen your understanding of communication throughout your life, developing a prodigious repertoire of high-level communication skills--but that's beyond the scope of this book. Instead, you'll find everything you need within these covers to begin your journey, not to end it.

The use of these tools isn't limited to romantic relationships. You can use them with your family, friends and business acquaintances--any situation where you want to build mutual respect and healthier relationships. And even though you probably wouldn't want to share the intimate details of your life with every business acquaintance, the basic ideas and tools are just as applicable in most business situations as they are in the most intimate lover's pillow-talk.

There are five communication tools in your survival kit. You'll learn to:

  1. Build a Cooperative Atmosphere (I-Statements)
  2. Encourage Your Partner to Talk (Open-Ended Questions)
  3. Understand Your Partner Better (Active Listening)
  4. Think "Everybody Wins!" (Maintain a Win-Win Attitude)
  5. Know Thyself (Build Self-Awareness)

Experiential exercises are included in each section to help you practice using each tool and understand it more clearly. You'll also learn how to use these tools in practical situations: de-fusing arguments, dealing with "difficult" people, increasing intimacy, and so on.

The Poly Communication Survival Kit is available in PDF format for download onto your computer for only $9.95. You can obtain it online (via a secure transaction through PayPal.com) by clicking the button below. Following your purchase through PayPal, your web browser will display a page with instructions on how to download the PDF file to your own personal computer.

About the Author

Robert McGarey, M.A.Robert McGarey, M.A. grew up in a family where both parents were holistic M.D.'s, so he comes by his interest in personal growth naturally. Dreams were interpreted in the morning over French toast, and carrot juice and whole wheat bread were a normal part of daily life, way before most of suburbia realized they even existed.

Bob got his Master of Arts degree in Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology at Johnston College in Redlands, California in 1978. In 1986 he founded the nonprofit Human Potential Center in Austin, Texas, which presents programs designed to "tap the creativity, love and playfulness of the human spirit." He gets a thrill out of working with individuals, couples and expanded families by guiding them towards better communication and helping them embark on a voyage to a more intimate relationship.

Bob loves enchiladas and Macintosh computers, and he knows which ones to eat. He cooks up one hell of a curry if he does say so himself. He stumbles upon his most brilliant ideas on long-distance runs, during meditation, or while hopelessly entranced by the Sunday comics. He's been polyamorous for about twenty-five years. Much of that time was spent with monogamous women who graciously helped him learn all the steps to the poly/mono tango.


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