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The Loving More® conferences are the largest polyamory conferences in the world. These events are a great place to meet others like you who are exploring what's possible in relationships. You can ""hear from experts,"" find out ""is this for me?"" and see who else is exploring these possibilities and perhaps find new friends and partners in the process. ALL THIS AND MORE HAPPENS EVERY YEAR. Each conference typically has from 150 to 200+ people attending. "


Creating Success in Open and Polyamorous Relationships - 1/28/18
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Relationships are wonderful, challenging, and sometimes full of drama. While this is true of most romantic relationships, navigating polyamorous or open relationships can multiply issues and drama exponentially. Please join us for a wonderful interactive workshop/class designed to help people create successful loving relationships no matter what your relationship orientation is. We will cover many of the common and not so common problems that often derail our connections and get in the way of healthy relating; including jealousy, agreements, communication, parenting, metamours, money, and much more. We will offer opportunities to practice skills that help in navigating difficult issues as well as tips for creating win/win outcomes, whether dealing with whose turn it is to take out the trash to negotiating a threesome. First half will be a lecture/discussion followed by hands on exercises in communication, boundaries, and negotiation. While this workshop is geared toward polyamory and open relationships, many of the skills are applicable to any relationship, including monogamy. This workshop is for people who want to improve their communication, build trust, develop good boundaries, and practice compassionate radical honesty.
Presented by Robyn Trask
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Introduction to Relationship Choices
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Contrary to what most of us are taught, growing relationships are not a one size fits all scenario. Relationship choices is an exploration of romantic connections beyond compulsory monogamy. Monogamy is a great option for many but not for everyone. We will examine polyamorous (many loves) relationships, as well as other amazing choices that create loving sustainable partnerships in love. We will cover different relationships choices and styles, terms and definitions, and the issues and challenges one might encounter. We will explore myths and misconceptions of open relationships and monogamy, and the needed skills that help relationships succeed. This class is meant as an introduction and guideline for those interested in learning more and looking to explore beyond the one size fits all model of loving relationships. We welcome anyone interested in learning more, single, partnered, monogamous, open, LGBT, etc.

Presented by Robyn Trask
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